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13th July 2018


Consultant Coordinator

Mrs. Jacqueline daCosta has held many senior positions in the Jamaican Government. These include Consultant Coordinator Special Programmes and Projects in the Cabinet Office, Technical Advisor to a number of Cabinet Sub-Committees and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Land and Environment, which included overseeing Physical, Urban and Sustainable Development Planning, Land Policy, Administration and Management and Environmental, Watersheds, Disaster Management and Hazard Mitigation, Mining and National Spatial Data Infrastructure. She also serves as the Senior Adviser on Land Policy and Physical Development to the Prime Minister of Jamaica and as a Consultant working in the Private Sector. She has been President of a number of Professional Associations including the Commonwealth Association of Planners, The Professional Societies Association in Jamaica and the Jamaica Institute of Planners.

Mrs. daCosta currently chairs the Land Information Council of Jamaica, the National Best Community Foundation and sits on several Boards and Committees including the Nature Preservation Foundation, the Jamaica Protected Areas Trust and Women's leadership Initiative.

Mrs. daCosta has received numerous awards both internationally and nationally. These include the UN Habitat Scroll of Honour, for her outstanding contribution to the development of shelter strategies both nationally and internationally. She has also been recognized by the Nature Conservancy for her service to conservation of Jamaica’s Natural Heritage; by the IMBAJ for her outstanding contribution to the Construction Sector; by the Government of Jamaica with a National Honour - The Order of Distinction, Commander Class (CD) for her contribution to the Public Sector; by the Commonwealth Association of Planners for her contribution to the organization while she served as its Vice President and the President. She also received a number of Awards from ESRI and URISA for her contribution to GIS development, Land Policy, Administration and Management in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.