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13th July 2018


Finance & Marketing Manager at the King County

Mr. Greg Babinski currently serves as the Finance & Marketing Manager at the King County GIS Center in Seattle, USA. He holds both a bachelor's and masters degree in Geography from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and has worked as the finance and marketing manager for the King County GIS Center in Washington State for the past 15 years. The King County GIS Center is an internal service entity within the county.

Mr. Babinski is is credited with spearheading a study of the long-term cost benefit of an Enterprise GIS in King County from 1992 until 2010. It revealed that during that 18-year period, King County accrued net benefits of between $776 million and $1.7 billion, with costs totaling $200 million.

Greg is also a long-time associate of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), where he has served in various national leadership positions, including secretary; treasurer; and, most recently, president. Mr. Babinski recently announced the GIS Management Institute (GMI), a new initiative by URISA which will develop resources and services that focus on promoting the advancement of professional best practices and standards for the management of GIS operations.