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Coronavirus impact on Small Businesses

The Fast Spreading coronavirus

The Fast Spreading coronavirus- its impact on Small Businesses

In January I wrote an article on tracking the Coronavirus across the Caribbean and at the time
the region had no reported cases. This weekend the region has its first set of reported cases
and globally there is now over 3,000 people dead and almost 90,000 infected across 50+
countries. This rapid spread of the coronavirus and the global attempts to contain it have
rocked the business world. The financial markets plunged last week, with the US stocks hitting
the lowest since 2008 with dropping nearly 12% and $3.5 trillion.  Supply chains in travel &
tourism, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and retail have been especially affected. Small
businesses are also facing serious impacts.
It is therefore important for small business owners to take the necessary steps in getting
prepared for this pandemic. Just this morning, I met with my team to discuss the business
continuity management process to be implemented as we seek to reduce the potential
disruption caused by this outbreak to an acceptable level. Items included paying attention to
the health and safety of team members including mandatory safety steps and restrictions on
non-essential travel as well as technology integrations that can enhance remote work through
this period.
Over the days that follow we will share simple technology tools that small businesses can use
amidst this crisis. In this post we will however focus on the health and safety of your team. The
simple steps you can immediately take includes:
1. Making sure everyone washes their hands with soap and water regularly – post signs as
reminders around the office
2. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers
3. Cleaning surfaces with antibacterial wipes
4. Cleaning devices (cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) with disinfecting lens and screen
5. Cleaning office phones between each use
6. Having front line workers wear gloves
7. Cleaning door handles
8. If anyone is sneezing continuously, they should leave the room
9. Sneeze/Cough in flexed elbow or in a tissue. Throw tissue in closed bin immediately.
GeoTechVision has partnered with IplayXYZ and now have a Progressive Web App that has a
dashboard giving updates on the spread of the coronavirus. Access it at .
Do all you can to protect yourself and your team in this battle against the coronavirus.