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s750 gis and rtk surveying hand held gnss reciever
High quality surveying-typed GPS antenna and mainboard, plus the lately adopted ASIC chip and patented algorithm COAST, ensure faster satellites tracking and more reliable positioning result, which portable navigation handheld GPS could be never compared with. Excellent performance is guaranteed even in bad conditions like under the tree, in the building corner, etc. due to multi-path restrain effect and fast phase smoothing technology.
ruide rts 860 series
The instrument is equipped with a high-definition color touch screen, laser pointing, Temperature Pressure automatic correction system, fast Bluetooth system, the unique design features of the road, is a good helper.
ruide rts 820 series
An innovative EDM technology delivers up to 500m non-prism range and 5km in prism mode. Incredible fast measuring speed enables you to record a point in just 0.3s. Internal memory is capable to store up to 20,000 points.
ruide pd5 series
ruide pd5 series is a quality distance meter that can be used to suite various needs
ruide dl 200 series
The ruide dl 200 series performs accurately and efficiently in various construction applications. With the easy-to-use keyboard operation you get measuring result promptly.
ruide auto level
Most recognized for providing quality and liable instruments, Ruide is committed to provide dependable and economic solutions and services to surveying industry