Champion VNet 6 GNSS Reference Station

Champion VNet 6 GNSS Reference StationDesign based on Linux operating system, supports all GNSS signal inception; multi-task, six data transmission models.

Industry level standard design, large capacity data storage, data download, stream data transmission, high-accuracy survey technology, excellent compatibility.

VNet6 is of significant importance to domestic professional GNSS reference stations which also makes us closer to international brands.

VNet6 employs embedded Linux system, which runs safe and steadily, supports all GNSS signal inception, wide voltage multi-model power supply. VNet6 has the highest 20Hz data update rate in the industry and advanced remote network access function, as well as the perfect communication function and interface scheme.

ZNetVRS software supported over 8 ways of communications which facilitate control of reference stations and management of data.

ZNetVRS software can checking the quality of data and working situations of hardware automatically and give different alarms. ZNetVRS software can be remotely controlled. Technicians can improve the efficiency and convenience of system's maintenance with the help of networking supervision.