Champion TKO base/rover kit

Champion TKO base/rover kitThe Champion TKO is a fully integrated base/rover kit with both a GPRS modem and a high power UHF radio and is available to you at a cost less than most brands. Built around the world's most advanced technology, the TKO is engineered for the real world. With full IP67 protection and rubberized bumper for worry free drop protection, the TKO will last for years to come.

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Champion VNet 6 GNSS Reference Station

Champion VNet 6 GNSS Reference StationDesign based on Linux operating system, supports all GNSS signal inception; multi-task, six data transmission models.

Industry level standard design, large capacity data storage, data download, stream data transmission, high-accuracy survey technology, excellent compatibility.

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Ruide RTS 820 Series

Ruide RTS 820 SeriesThe RTS 820 Series is an innovative EDM technology delivers up to 500m non-prism range and 5km in prism mode. With incredibly fast measuring speed enables you to record a point in just 0.3 seconds.

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Ruide RTS 860 Series

Ruide RTS 860 SeriesThe RTS 860 Series is an innovative EDM technology delivers up to 500m non-prism range and 5km in prism mode. With incredibly fast measuring speed enables you to record a point in just 0.3 seconds and come with 3” super colour touch screens on both sides, providing a magnificent display and convenient experience.

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Ruide DL-200 series

Ruide DL-200 seriesNew generation of digial level DL-200 series, providng a higher accuracy, and a larger screen. Height Measurement Accuracy (Standard Deviation for 1km Double Run Leveling).

Ruide Auto Level RL-C/A/Z32

Ruide Auto Level RL-C/A/Z32Auto level with high quality and performance.

  • Large effective aperture.
  • More precise compensator.
  • Sealed, dust protected leveling screws.
  • 1:100 stadia for distance estimation.
  • Water resistant, sealed construction for use in various conditions.

Ruide PD5 Series

Ruide PD5 SeriesHandheld Distance Meter PD5 Series

The S750 GIS and RTK surveying handheld GNSS receiver

S750 GIS and RTK surveying handheld GNSS receiverThe S750 GIS and RTK surveying handheld GNSS receiver for GNSS surveying and mapping.

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Leica Total Stations

Leica Total StationsRugged, adaptable total stations with accurate angle measurements, quadruple axis compensation, powerful reflectorless EDM, data output in any format, and application programs for surveying and engineering. Advanced Leica technology at a reasonable price.

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HDS Laser Scanners

HDS Laser ScannersFor any project, it makes sense to deploy the right tools. For as-built, topographic, detail, and engineering surveys, Leica High-Definition Surveying (HDS) systems are the way to go. Leica HDS solutions - setting new standards for the way work is done.

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Leica Nova MS50

Leica Nova MS50You only get a moment to make the right decision. So ultimate performance and absolute reliability are critical. This requires not only intuition, but also intelligent technology you can rely on. For the first time, the Leica Multistation combines every significant measuring technology in one device and opens the doors to a fascinating new dimension of the geospatial world.

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Leica Geosystems' Zeno series

Leica Geosystem Zeno series

Leica Geosystems' Zeno series - offers you hardware and software solutions for 100´s of different Asset Collection & Management jobs.

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The Leica Locators

Leica LocatorsThe Leica Locators - Digicat i-Series locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task increasing on site safety. Defaulting to power mode, maximum sensitivity ensures operators are protected against lethal electrical cables, whilst additional modes are used to detect other buried utilities.

Leica Levels

Leica LevelsLeica Levels are built robust to last. We offer the most comprehensive range of levels in the market today.

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