The SXBlue III GNSSThe SXBlue III GNSS is a palm-sized receiver that delivers real-time 1cm accuracy using GPS/GLONASS satellites. Its battery-powered lightweight design makes it an ideal choice for applications that require cm-level horizontal and vertical accuracy in real-time such as agriculture, engineering, mining, utilities, surveying, GIS, and others. A free Microsoft Windows-based NTRIP/DIP software utility for Windows and Windows Mobile is included to allow the SXBlue III GNSS to connect to any of the hundreds of RTK Networks and RTK reference stations available around the world.

Go 1cm Real-time, All the Time!

It takes full advantage of both GPS and GLONASS satellites to allow you to work all day and in more places without suffering from nonproductive down-time that GPS-only RTK receivers sometimes experience. You get 117 channels of proven 1cm RTK performance from a lightweight unit that fits in the palm of your hand, and includes a field-replaceable rechargeable battery for 8+ hours of operation. In addition to RTK, you also have the option of using SBAS for sub-meter mapping that the SXBlue product has built its reputation on. Having the choice of either L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS RTK for real-time centimeter accuracy or GPS/GLONASS SBAS for 30cm real-time mapping provides you the flexibility that no other receiver of this size and price can offer you.